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Managing published data

Once you have published a dataset, you can amend its metadata such as the description, title or contact details, or add new data to it.

  1. Sign into the Data Publisher and find the dataset you want to amend.
  2. Select Manage.

You can then either edit the metadata for the dataset or select Add data to add additional information to add new data to an existing dataset.

Do not create new datasets for data you publish regularly, for example monthly spend data. Instead, create one dataset and add new data to it. This will help users find all monthly datasets published together rather than having to search through a large number of similar datasets.

Unpublishing data

In the interests of transparency, you should not delete datasets from Old datasets can help people compare trends over time, track corrections, and see historical data from organisations that do not exist anymore.

However, you may want to remove datasets that are:

  • duplicates - if there are 2 datasets covering the same data
  • test datasets - if you’ve accidentally published some trial data

Only the team can delete a dataset. If you want to delete a dataset, send us a data request.