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API documentation

The API uses the CKAN API and its extensions.

You do not need an API key to use the API and there are no rate limits.

To call the API, post a JSON dictionary in a HTTP POST request to one of the API URLs. The base URL for all calls is

In CKAN vocabulary, packages refers to ‘datasets’.

For example calls using curl and parameters see the CKAN API documentation.

Get datasets and publisher information

This table lists the parameters and returns with example URLs.

Parameter Returns Example URL
package_list List of datasets
package_show?id=<PUBLISHER-NAME> Information about a single dataset

Search datasets

Use package_search to search datasets.

SOLR provides the parameters for search calls. For example parameters, see the SOLR documentation.

Parameter Action Example URL
q Free text query
fq Data by field

Remember to escape these URLs. Most browsers will escape these automatically when you open these example links, but some clients, such as Python, will mostly need them URL encoded (spaces to %20 etc). And on the command-line remember to quote the whole URL, for example use single quotes:

curl ''

Get publisher information uses CKAN organizations to store what is shown as ‘publishers’ on the frontend.

Parameter Returns Example URL
organization_list List of publishers
organization_show?id=<PUBLISHER-NAME> Information about a single publisher

Send a data request

If you cannot find the data you need, you can ask government to publish a dataset that is not yet published on

Send a data request to the team and they will forward it to the relevant government department.

For requests and questions about a dataset already on, you can contact the publisher directly if they’ve provided their contact details next to the dataset.