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Publishing on - overview

There are two methods for adding datasets to

  1. Using the dataset (web) form. It is a simple & manual process. However it is not suitable for INSPIRE/Location datasets. More:

  2. Using a harvester. You store the dataset records on your own server and they are ‘harvested’ regularly into It requires some set-up, but it is ideal when there is already a published list of datasets on your site (or elsewhere). More:

Before this you need to register a user account on and get approved as ‘editor’ or ‘admin’ for your publisher.

NB You can’t ‘upload data’ to The data (e.g. spreadsheet file) should be published / uploaded onto your organization’s website (which for central government is and then you add to a ‘dataset’ (record) containing information about the data, including the link to it (e.g. download URL).

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