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Publisher FAQ

If I make a mistake, can I delete a dataset?

You can always go back and edit a dataset, but you cannot delete it without help from the team.

For more information see: Deleting datasets

Should I delete previous versions of a data file when a new version becomes available?

No, we keep historical versions once published, if the dataset is for a single file and a new version of that file is available, simply add it to the record if the data belongs to a time series simply add it.

Our website has a lovely portal where we publish our data. Can I just point to it?

You must provide a link to the data file itself. If you have a portal page for your dataset then you should add a link to that page in the ‘Additional resources’ section of the Dataset form.

How do I determine what data should be published in

Any data file that is made public by your entity should have a dataset record in The aim is to make as much data available as possible overall.