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Organogram transition October 2016

This page is to explain the transition for central government bodies to the new organogram system, launched on 3rd October 2016.


‘Organograms’ are the staff datasets that central government bodies are responsible for publishing on every 6 months. Further information about this commitment is explained on: Organogram data - Staff Roles and Salaries - publishing by central government.


What changed?

  1. Publishers now need to register themselves an account on and apply for ‘editor’ or ‘admin’ permissions to be added to it. To avoid delays when you come to upload the next set of data, please do this in advance.

    Check if you have done this already by going to:, logging in and seeing if you have a blue ‘Publisher Tools’ appear at the top-right:

    publisher tools button

    If not, please register and become ‘editor’, by following these instructions:

  2. The spreadsheet of data that you collect remains the same format/template as before. However the latest spreadsheet has updated department names. Publishers can download it here:


    If you are not already logged into it will prompt you to log in first. If your user account does not have ‘editor’ or ‘admin’ permission, then you will need to obtain that first – see Becoming and editor or admin.

    To help filling in the spreadsheet, publishers can download this guidance:

    Organograms and Senior Salaries - preparing the data

    (This document is an update of the previous “Organograms and Senior Salaries” guidance.)

  3. For you to submit/upload the data, instead of using you should use the new Organogram Publication section of

    Guidance for submit/upload is available here: Organogram upload and publication

    This new system solves two key issues with the legacy system: providing detailed information of any errors in the spreadsheet, and allows publishers to load & reload data from past periods, if necessary.

  4. You will no longer have to add the resulting CSV data files onto - these will automatically be added as datasets. Pre-existing dataset records will have their data links merged and deduplicated with the new datasets (in early October).

  5. The public will view the organogram diagrams on a simpler, improved Organogram page, particularly with regarding page load speed and simpler switching between organisations.

Contact us with any questions.