for users, publishers and sysadmins

Moderation Queue

Introduction uses a mixture of automatic and manual moderation to avoid spam and abuse appearing on the site. User content is generated in a number of ways e.g. comments on datasets or app submissions and there are various rules that may lead to them needing to be reviewed by a moderator. The items for review are put on the ‘moderation queue’ and a sysadmin should regularly look at it and make decisions about what will be shown on the site and what must be deleted.

The policies governing acceptable content and how processes it are laid out in:

Attending to the moderation queue

  1. The sysadmin should go to the moderation queue here:

  2. Click on the title to see the content.

  3. Make a decision on the content.

    • If this is spam or other abuse of the Code of Conduct it can be deleted on the moderation queue page or by clicking ‘Edit’ link on content view page and then ‘Delete’ button at the bottom.

    • If the content is ok please just click ‘Apply’ on the yellow box above the title, because the default value in the drop down is ‘Published’. This will publish the content on the site.

    • If the content is legitimate but for some reason shouldn’t be published, please choose ‘Draft’ in the drop down and then press ‘Apply’. You will be asked to provide a message to the submitter with information of what needs to be corrected. The submitter will receive an email about this and will be able to correct the content and submit it for approval again.

Identifying spam

Some spam is not obvious. Seemingly benign comments such as “That is a really good point” are created automatically by spammers. In this case it is wise to check the user’s profile to see if they have put the spam on that page. In this case, simply delete the comment and user.