for users, publishers and sysadmins


Administrator: A person in charge of managing all editor accounts and corporate details for a parent department or an entity

API: (Application Programming Interface) is a set of specifications used by software to talk to each other, in the case of, a set of ‘commands’ that applications can use to directly query the catalogue

Dataset: A dataset is a collection of data. It can contain a single file, several related files or several versions of the same item, such as a dataset for monthly expenditure data.

Editor: In, an editor is a person with publishing rights for an entity or parent department. Editors can create new data sets or amend existing ones within those of the organisation they have rights for.

Entity: An entity is a generic term in to refer to a publisher. An entity could be a parent department, one of the bodies under a parent department’s hierarchy or a combination of both, hence entity allows us to encompass any of those possibilities.

Harvesting: This is the process by which a series of web services and information is ‘crawled’ (or scanned if you wish) to capture its information, it is mainly used in our map viewing implementation to update dataset records.

JSON: (JavaScript Object Notation) Is a text-based open standard used for the interchange of data in a human readable form.

Parent Department: A term referring to central departments in the UK government or to an entity to which the publisher has a direct reporting link (or the immediate reporting institution above the publisher)

Publisher: A publisher is an entity that publishes datasets in under its own identity, such as Department for Transport , Natural England, the Audit Commission or the Judicial Appointments Commission.

Record: A record is another name for a dataset, sometimes an easier term to understand when trying to explain the dataset structure in

Resources: Resources are the files that comprise a dataset, generally these are links to the data file itself.

Single file record: This is a record/dataset that is a one - off record. It may contain several supporting files, but its nature is fixed in time, it does not get new data added in the future and its core data files do not get updated with a newer version, although links to information files included could be updated if newer, better versions that provide better context are available.

Tag: A tag is a keyword that allows the record to be associated with a specific concept.

Theme: A theme is an overarching tag referring to key sectors (i.e. health, transport) that allows the catalogue to create top level indexes of data related to these sectors, in they are pre - set and cannot be modified by Editors or Administrators.

Timeseries record: A time series record is a record/dataset for data that gets updated periodically, be it monthly, quarterly or annually.

URI: (Uniform Resource Identifier) is a string of characters used to identify a resource, in they identify a dataset (record).