for users, publishers and sysadmins

Deleting datasets

Deletion policy

You should NOT delete data that is:

The only valid circumstances for deletion are:

Who can delete datasets?

Because the deletion policy is complex, we require all deletions to be done by sysadmins - this means the core team only.

However there is an exception for Location/INSPIRE datasets - publishers can ‘withdraw’ their own datasets (marked with the INSPIRE logo), which is the same as deleting. To do this, log-in as an admin for your publisher, go to the dataset page and in the blue box there is the link to ‘Withdraw’. To reinstate the record, update the record (including its timestamp) on your server and reharvest it.

Requesting deletions

To request datasets are deleted, use the contact form and provide:

  1. Links to all the datasets to be deleted

  2. Reason for deletion. If it is because there are duplicates, please also supply the links to the datasets which are being kept.

It didn’t get deleted!

When a dataset is deleted by a sys-admin, you may have to wait up to an hour for it to disappear completely. There are more details here: Updating problem