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Becoming an Editor or Admin

Administrator and editor accounts

You must have an ‘administrator’ or ‘editor’ account if you want to publish on

If you have an administrator account, for your organisation you’ll be in charge of:

If you’re an editor, you’ll be responsible for:

You need to ask for an administrator or editor account. There’s no limit on how many administrators or editors your organisation can have.


The administrator (admin) account serves to manage all editors creating/editing metadata under a given parent department. Administrators can create editors within their publisher hierarchy or across the family of publishers.

Administrators are:


Editors are the people in charge of creating metadata records for their organisations in They have the ability to create and edit metadata for their assigned organisation. Editors are also responsible for regularly checking the comments on their datasets to capture ideas, clarify questions users of the data may have or discover, via feedback on the page, issues with the quality of the data. Editors:

Getting an account

  1. At, click on “Register” at the top right of the screen: user register link

  2. Complete the user registration form

user register form

Click “Create new account”

user register post message

The email should arrive in your in-box within 30 minutes (check your spam folder).

user validation email

  1. Click the validation link in the email to validate email address, which activates your account.

user validation email

Note: if you do not validate your email address within 5 days then your account will be deleted. In this case, simply create another account.

You can tell that you are logged in by seeing your user name at the top right, next to the “My Content” and “Log out” links.

This account is currently the same as one for any member of the public - it can create comments, submit apps, make data requests etc. But it is not an editor or admin yet. You can tell this visually because there is no “Publisher tools” button at the top right next to the search box.

Become an Editor

  1. Log in and click on ‘Data’ in’s menu and then click ‘Publishers’ from the submenu.

  2. Search the name of the publisher for which you need editor/admin permissions and go to its main page by clicking it. NB If the publisher is not listed, please use the Contact link at the bottom of the web page and request it is added.

  3. Click on the administrators icon on the icon bar towards the top right of the page. Select ‘request to become an editor’. editor request link

    Occasionally users cannot see the icon bar, due to network security. If this is the case, in your browser address bar, manually insert into the URL “apply/” before the publish name. e.g. becomes Now press Enter/Return to load the next page.

  4. Fill out the form stating your position that gives you the authority to publish data on behalf of the organization. editor request form

  5. Take note of which department or organization the request was emailed to. editor request response You should be emailed by this organization when you have been made an editor. If you don’t hear back for a couple of days, contact the team using the Contact link at the bottom of the web page.

Once you are an editor or admin you will see the blue “Publisher tools” button when logged in, and can now publish data.

publisher tools button

Become an Admin

Follow the same instructions as for editor but be sure to mention in your request that you would like be the Admin and take responsibility for approving other users for your publisher (and any sub publishers).